Initialization of the Expiration Date Setting



Method to initialize the Expiration Date setting when the "Information Embedding"

part of QtechHV v011 worked as if it was "already expired" at its first use


How to do

(1)  Download a file "StartupHiding-Win.dat" from this site, and place it on Desktop (for example).
(2)  Rename SartupHiding-Win.dat as "StartupHiding-Win.exe" (i.e., dat --> exe).
(3)  Close the QtechHV v011 program if it is running.
(4)  Execute StartupHiding-Win.exe by clicking. (No visual change occurs on the monitor.)
(5)  Remove (or, discard) "StartupHiding-Win.exe" file from your PC.
(6)  After all the steps above (1) - (5) are completed, you can run QtechHV v011 program again.

(Note that this operation is effective only once.)

If your initialization is successful, you can use the "Information Embedding" part for 90 days.


(Updated on March. 21, 2015   by Eiji Kawaguchi)