Complexity Histogram before and after embedding


In BPCS embedding, a complexity histogram of the vessel image after embedding changes considerably. It depends on the amount of embedding, original histogram pattern, complexity threshold setting, etc.

The following illustration shows,

  (A) Complexity histogram of the original vessel image (blue) and the embedding file (red),

  (B) Conjugation operation on the embedding file,

  (C) Overall complexity histogram after embedding.

However, this illustration is more conceptual than real. The actual histogram change is not so obvious as is shown here.



 Vessel image and embedding file


 Conjugation operation on the embedding file


 Complexity histogram after embedding

As you can see, a conjugation map is needed for discriminating conjugated file blocks (typically, 8 byte blocks) from non-conjugated blocks in the extracting operation.


(Updated on March  01, 2014   by Eiji Kawaguchi)