Bit-Planes of a natural color image and the complexity histogram


The picture below (Mona Lisa) is a typical color image. Some of its red bit-planes are shown together with the complexity histograms, where "Red bit-plane 1" designates the MSB (the uppermost bit-plane) of Red color. The lower planes look almost all nose pattern. Complexity histograms of higher planes concentrate in the left side area (the area the complexity is less than 0.5), while in the lower planes histograms centralize at the center (around 0.5 area).

A "natural image" will never have histogram component at higher area (the area close to 1.0). This is a very important characteristics of the image that BPCS-Steganography makes use of for embedding.



(Updated on April 23, 2008 by Eiji Kawaguchi)