About KIT-Steganography Research Group


"KIT-STEGROUP" is the group-name of the researchers and software engineers who have been engaged in Digital Steganography research activities at Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan. It is not an organization based group, but is a person-to-person based professional group. The number of members is about 15, presently. There are no formal titles for members, nor any obligations as a member.

The group has hosted several research meetings including International Workshop, promoted steganography-related activity by strengthening public relations,  developed experimental programs, and jointly filed several Japan and international patents.

As one of the public relations activities, KIT-STEGROUP released an original BPCS-Steganography program (an experimental program) on Internet. If you are interested, please visit the following URLs.

https://datahide.org/BPCSe/    (English site)

https://datahide.org/BPCSj/    (Japanese site)


(Organizer:  Eiji Kawaguchi, PhD, Professor Emeritus, KIT)

(Updated: on April 17, 2017  by Eiji Kawaguchi)